Modular Fire Pits – A Construction Guide

Published: 28th May 2009
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Modular fire pits offer a quick, easy, and convenient way of enjoying your outdoor living area without the need for heavy construction equipment and weeks of landscape repair. Premade stamped and colored concrete fire pits are poured "off-site" and are cut into pie-shaped, easily managed segments for easy handling and shipping.

1.) The sections that were previously created at the factory are delivered on a pallet and arrive at the installation location.

2.) The first step in modular fire pit installation is preparation of the area where the fire pit is to be installed. Be sure that the ground is free of plant material and is smooth and level.

3.) The next step in the process is to cover the location with plastic. This will ensure that plant growth is eliminated in the future.

4.) Once the plastic is in place, gravel is used to provide a solid base for the new fire pit patio. Gravel also allows for proper drainage after the fire pit is installed.

5.) When placing the new patio in close proximity to a structure, be sure to level the gravel so that it slopes away slightly from the structure. This will ensure that rain will run away from the structure instead of toward the foundation.

6.) Once the gravel has been leveled, sand is used to provide a level and consistent surface for the fire pit patio. The sand sub-base also allows for compaction ensuring that the patio will set on a solid surface.

7.) As with the gravel, be sure that the sand surface is smooth and level. It is also important to note that the level of the sand sub-base should be ½ inch above where the final grade should be as compacting will lower the grade by approximately ½ inch.

8.) After the sand sub-based is compacted, the sections can be placed into position. The position of each section is clearly marked.

Once all sections are in place the modular fire pit is complete. Enjoy!

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